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Valrico -  a Great Place to Live and Raise a Family!

Having lived in Valrico on and off since 1976, one thing has been consistent in my life, I always came back.  My fondest memories include horseback riding on Lumbsten road when it was a dirt road between the orange fields.  Smelling the orange blossoms that were so strong they made your head almost hurt in early spring.   I knew Mr. and Mrs. Lumbsten as a child, often sitting on their back porch with my dog Schnuffel.  I clearly remember Mr. Lumbsten tilling his field and planting rows of corn and peas where now Wexford Green with it's splendid homes now stand. 

Though progress changes the landscape of our town I must confess though I miss the fields and cows at least the change has been positive.  Our community has many opulent homes, manicured subdivisions, "A" rated schools and many activities for families.  Additionally, Valrico was rated as one of the top 200 cities to raise a family.  With an easy commute to Tampa, Valrico strategically sits east of Tampa.  While Orlando is just about a little over an hour away headed east, and well the beaches?  They are easy to access as well.  
Originally Valrico started out as a region of cotton plantations known as "Long Pond".  It was not until 1890 when the rail road arrived along with many immigrants from the north including William G. Tousey a philosophy professor from Tufts College that gave the community its present Spanish name Valrico, meaning "rich valley".  Though those days are long and gone our community continues to positively evolve. 

If you would like further information regarding our lovely town and the surrounding areas, don't hesitate contact me and I will be sure to get a relocation package in the mail at (813) 657-7653 or drop me an email at

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